Past Events

Serendip Sanctuary 4 September  13
About 25 years ago, my mum in Anglesea became ill. I was very busy at the time with kids and work commitments but en-deavoured to visit her on my day off. One Monday my boss said ‘what are you doing tomorrow?’. I sort of grunted and said ‘I’m going down to Mum’s’. She was a bit shocked at my attitude and said “Well, what’s the problem with that? I replied ‘the Geelong Road- it’s so boring.’ Immediately she said ‘What do you mean, it’s a great road. Look at the beautiful You Yangs’. We’d had a hot and dusty picnic there once – it was not my favourite place. She challenged me to find something beautiful along the Geelong Road each time I went down to see Mum. Sometimes it still is a challenge, but I try – last trip from Mel-bourne I saw a horse with a purple coat and some pelicans flew across the road.
In a bid to make the Geelong Road interesting to our friends, we took a group from Anglesea Probus to Roirama Nursery and Serendip Sanctuary in Lara on Wednesday August 28 –perfect weather, and about 30 participants who thoroughly en-joyed the nursery with the amazing sculptural plants, fascinating sculptures and wonderful succulents. A few purchases were made –( we are lining up for cuttings from some of the plants). Then we headed to Serendip Sanctuary where we en-joyed a BBQ/picnic/lunch. Next we had a pleasant walk around the Sanctuary , sighting lots of birds, including emus, tawny frogmouths, bustards, ducks, brolgas – and animals, gum trees and golden wattles. It was a real eye opener, with bird hides, ponds and lakes, hidden away in the back blocks of Lara. This would be a wonderful place to take overseas visitors – if there’s water in the lakes. Everyone enjoyed the day – there was plenty of talk, laughter, food and even a bag of snakes to finish off the day.
Thanks to all who took part in a delightful Geelong Road Adventure.
Simon Clark

Visit to Barwon Park 1 September 13
On a sunny Sunday afternoon, 21 of our Club members visited the historic Barwon Park property in Winchelsea.
This grand bluestone mansion/stables built in 1871 is now virtually restored and fitted with original or period furnishings. The central staircase and imposing windows frame the lush green countryside. Oh to live here in that grand era!
At 2pm we joined 60 others in the central courtyard for a piano recital of classical music by the team of pianists.
Max Cooke and Darryl Coote played as a duet. Their many years as professional musicians shone through in the variety of pieces they chose.
They were followed by 19 year old soloist, Kevin Suherman. This young man just oozed with talent. He played without any score two different styles of music. His passion and skill certainly was appreciated by the reaction from the audience.
A sumptuous afternoon tea was served where we were able to engage with the performers and catch up on friends some of us hadn’t seen for a while. Kevin particularly spent time with many people modestly sharing his achievements, family life and work.
All who commented found this was a different but most enjoyable outing.
Annette and Bob Dwyer.

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